5 Bizarre Looking Emojis That You Should Know About

5 Bizarre Looking Emojis That You Should Know About

In society nowadays, everybody loves to explore bizarre and interesting things.

May it be art, science, or even technology. It is nice to know that many people are more accepting and appreciative of the things around us, and it gives more credit and acknowledgment to the people who work hard to invent or create them. 

5 Bizarre Looking Emojis That You Should Know About

Since social media is a huge thing as well, emojis are there to make these popular symbols and objects into digitized icons for everyone’s daily use.

Some emojis look simple, and some look interesting to make us curious about them.

Prepare to use the mind blowing emoji once you learn about these six bizarre-looking emojis. 

  1. Exploding Head Emoji

The exploding head emoji is a relatively popular addition to the emoji list.

The emoji depicts a head with eyes and mouth wide open in shock or disbelief.

The bizarre look of this emoji is that the top part explodes like a volcano, depicting the expression.  

You can use this emoji to express a lot of emotions, from mild surprise to complete horror.

The emoji has been particularly popular on social media to react to shocking news or unexpected twists in a story, especially in this pandemic and other worldwide crises emerging.

In short, the exploding head emoji is a versatile icon for expressing both positive and negative emotions.

Whether you are reacting to a friend’s latest drama or responding to a tweet from your favorite celebrity, this emoji is sure to get your point across.

  1. Money-Mouth Face Emoji

The Money-mouth face emoji or MMF is one of the most popular icons used in social media and messaging.

It is a simple but powerful symbol that conveys emotions and ideas, from excitement and satisfaction to greediness and gloating.

Some common uses of the MMF emoji include using to express satisfaction or amusement towards something luxurious like a mansion, a black sports car, or the latest Gucci bag. 

You can use the money-mouth face emoji alongside the sleeping face emoji and the sheep emoji to represent dreaming about owning such expensive stuff one day.

Eventually, you can use this emoji next to the dollar sign emoji when bragging about making a lot of money or congratulating a friend who recently won the lottery.

No matter how you use it, the Money-mouth face emoji is sure to make an impression!

  1. Nazar Amulet Emoji 

The Nazar amulet gets its name from the ancient tradition of the Nazar boncuğu, which is an ornament depicting an eye believed to ward off evil spirits and protect one’s health, wealth, and well-being.

The origins of the Nazar boncuğu are unclear, but it may have been influenced by widespread reverence for the sacred eye in other cultures like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Ancient Egypt.

Today, the Nazar amulet emoji conveys good luck or protection from harm.

This can include everything from wishing someone well before a big exam to spreading messages of hope during difficult times.

It is common to see this emoji attached to popular hashtags like #blessed or #goodvibes on social media platforms like Instagram.

Overall, the Nazar amulet emoji is a powerful symbol that has endured through the ages and remains a staple in modern digital culture.

  1. Kaaba Emoji

The Kaaba emoji is one of the most iconic symbols in Islam.

Often referred to simply as “Kaaba,” this striking black cube with golden accents is used across social media and messaging platforms to represent many different things.

Kaaba Emoji

For example, some people may use it to signify Islamic worship or prayer, while others may use it to express solidarity within the Muslim community. 

Additionally, using the Kaaba emoji is for those who want to challenge Islamophobia or reinforce their commitment to the Muslim faith.

Whatever its meaning, there is no doubt that the Kaaba emoji has come to symbolize a wide range of ideas and a good representation of Muslims worldwide.

  1. Milky Way Emoji

Outer space is always nice to explore, and it is great to have galaxy-themed emojis.

One of the popular ones in the milky way emoji is a swirl of light, white clouds with stars around it.

Anyone can use this emoji to express wonder, awe, or appreciation for the natural world.

It is fascinating how it can also symbolize a sense of magic or mystery, alongside the twinkle emoji.

Whatever the meaning, the Milky way emoji is a fun and versatile way to add some personality to your communication.

Final Thoughts

We must admit that emojis bring life to any conversation, thanks to their unique-looking icons that represent how we feel or what we like.

The bizarre emojis mentioned above are just some of the many emojis you can explore and use in your frequent social media use.

If you are looking for new amazing emojis to use, you can check them out by visiting EmojiGuide.com! 

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