Types of Customer Service Explained

Types of Customer Service

Ever since telecom was invented, a lot of organizations have deemed it fit to have people hired exclusively to register and resolve customer complaints.

Types of Customer Service

In the case that a customer is dissatisfied with a company’s offerings and is considering unsubscribing to them and choosing those of some other company, having a customer service department may inhibit the process.

After all, you, through your customer service team, will get a chance to convince the customer to stay.

Secondly, customer service lets you know what has gone wrong with your company and thus, will let you know how to fix it.

Thirdly, good customer care also has a positive impact on sales. Here is how it goes: a consumer’s complaint is resolved effectively.

This consumer will explain to their friends and family how well they were served by your company.

In turn, the friends and family subscribe to your services as well. 

If a company has just been started by you or you are in the process of founding one, know that, as explained earlier in the paragraph, good customer service is obligatory to succeed in a specific business.

It is time for you to step up and start learning more about customer service.

The following are all how customer service is provided by businesses:

Phone Customer Service

In the case that you were thinking that we were going to publish this article without even mentioning customer service, you are mistaken.

How can we when phone customer service is so in-demand?! After all, everyone likes the personal human touch of being able to talk to someone on the phone.

There is research that clearly shows that 61% of people like to inquire about things and complain about things through the phone.

We can attribute this statistic to a lot of causes.

The first one is something we have touched upon earlier: people like being helped by a person as it helps them enjoy a sense of importance and of effort being made to meet their needs.

Another advantage of phone customer service is that issues can be resolved promptly and in the case that the pace is not that prompt, a complaint can be made right at the moment.

However, even though phone customer service is amazing from a consumer’s point of view, a business has to spend a lot of resources to maintain this type of service as paying people to be on the line all the time is hard.

Nonetheless, brands like Xfinity Internet still do not shy away from giving people the opportunity to call.

Want to know how phone customer service works? Call Xfinity customer service now!

Email Customer Service 

If you need to register a complaint with your boss, what do you do? Well, you approach them through the electronic mail medium!

Similarly, when consumers have a problem with a brand they are subscribed to, they find it natural to file a complaint using email.

Firstly, it leaves documented evidence of their complaint. Secondly, it allows these people chances to leave their signatures on the complaint.

This way, the customer service department knows that they are working-class people who depend on the company’s services for daily functioning.

Email customer service allows companies to save up on money. Automatic emails are very low-cost tools for setting up appointments.

Walk-In Customer Service

Walk-in customer service is, by far, the most expensive customer service out there.

This is because companies are not only paying for the agents to be there but also for the building and its maintenance.

Walk-In Customer Service

Alongside, customer service representatives need to be presentable meaning they also take higher wages.

But the higher spending also leads to better results. The in-person dealing of problems makes the customers feel like they are heard.

This is because so much of conversation is non-verbal and dependent on how the other person is treated.

Social Media Customer Service

Consumers can also reach companies on social media for complaining or inquiring about their offerings.

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are widely used. In fact, companies often take customer service on these platforms much more seriously.

After all, thousands of people are looking at their activities on social media.

Consumers are also able to help one another on these platforms, leading to the faster answering of inquiries.


It’s a wrap! We hope you now have a better picture of the world of customer service!

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