Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – Tukarok Shrine Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a number of complex shrine challenges in Hyrule. The Tukarok Shrine, which has several puzzles, including Wheel Zonai Devices, is one shrine that could confuse some players.

Tukarok Shrine Location in Tears of the Kingdom

You can find Tukarok Shrine in the south of the Wetland Stable. Wetland Stable is south of Rebonae Bridge. A short horse ride to the west-southwest from Hyrule Castle brings you to this location. It is near where

Link initially touches back down after leaving Great Sky Island. The Tukarok Shrine’s coordinates are 0912, -0240, 0030.

Tukarok Shrine Walkthrough

When players enter Tukarok Shrine for the first time, they will see a massive hole in the ground in front of them that glows orange. Players must move a sizable, glowing ball through three different puzzles to reach the hole at the end of this shrine. 

As you can imply from the shrine challenge’s name, each puzzle’s objective is to teach players how to use the forward force of Wheel Zonai Devices for their own advantage.

First Puzzle – Tukarok Shrine

Players should move forward across a ledge to find the enormous ball, a lava pit, and a makeshift car and ignore the glowing hole for now. Players only need to attach the ball to the makeshift car using their Ultrahand power, then ride it across the lava pit to solve this problem.

Second Puzzle – Tukarok Shrine

The players will encounter a stone block on a track with multiple ascending grate walls leading to a high ledge in the next region. Players cannot just throw the ball onto the ledge, which is unfortunate. On the other hand, the ball can be attached to the block, slid as far as possible with Ultrahand, dropped, and brought halfway back up the rail with Recall.

Players may be able to climb up the ladder and grab it with Ultrahand if they are quick enough or are able to attach other items to the block to expand its reach. However, players are supposed to use nearby tools and objects to navigate the ascending barriers.

Tukarok Shrine Hidden Chest

Players should glance over the lake’s edge between the two grated walls as they approach the third challenge if they want to find a hidden chest. It’s the only path in the water that doesn’t already have a raft in it.

The Strong Zoanite Sword is in a hidden chest that can be retrieved using Ultrahand from the pool’s edge.

Tukarok Shrine - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Wiki Guide - IGN

Third Puzzle – Tukarok Shrine

Players will need to use a raft to traverse the lake to complete the third and final puzzle at Tukarok Shrine. The quickest way to solve this puzzle is to attach the ball to the top of one of the rafts and then attach the long wooden boards to the wheels on either side.

Once turned on, the device will move the ball and the raft across the water. Players have two options for getting to the opposite side: walking across a ledge or riding the raft across. The entrance to the main area with the glowing hole is then opened by players using Ultrahand to retrieve the ball again and press a glowing button on the floor.

The other door will open as soon as the ball is inserted into the hole, enabling players to approach the statue and obtain their Light of Blessing, which boosts Link’s health and stamina.

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