What does X Mean on Snapchat? Explained!

What does X Mean on snapchat? The best photo-sharing app in the world is Snapchat. But it is also the most complex social media app to use. Regular Snapchat users might find it easy to use. But seeing all the functions might be challenging for a new user.

Snapchat does not give instructions on how to use it when you initially install it on your Android or iOS device. Indeed, there is a forum for Snapchat where you can learn about its features and know how to utilize it.

You could notice an ‘X’ icon next to the contact name in the Chat list if you’ve recently signed up for Snapchat and begun using it. Have you ever questioned what X on Snapchat means?

Recently, a lot of Snapchat users have inquired about what the X on Snapchat means. Hence, if you are having trouble understanding what the Snapchat “X” button performs, you will find all the necessary information in this article.

What does X Mean on Snapchat?

The “X” on Snapchat means that you and the person you were previously friends with have removed each other from your friend list, or that one of you has deleted or deactivated their account. This means that you can no longer send or receive snaps or chats with that person on Snapchat until you add them as a friend again or they reactivate their account.

What Does the X Mean on Snapchat?

In Snapchat, the meaning of X may change. It is due to the possibility of seeing an “X” mark on several Snapchat application areas. 

You may notice a grey “X” sign on the chat page or the friend list next to someone. So, its meaning will change depending on where it appears. For example, on Snapchat’s Chat screen, if an X is displayed next to someone, it means that person is not yet on your friend list. Similarly, the X icon next to a game or mini is to erase it. Or you may notice a grey X icon next to the conversation so that you can delete it.

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What does Grey X Next to Snapchat Name Mean?

The person is not added to your friend list if the X icon displays next to their Snapchat name. 

Giving Snapchat access to your contacts will often display all your contacts who have signed up for Snapchat. In this way, a contact may appear on Snapchat even if they are not currently on your list of Snapchat friends. Thus even though a contact is included in your contact book, it may not be a friend on Snapchat but still, show up there.

You might notice Snapchat users who have been added through your contact list but have yet to be added to your friend list in the chat panel. On the Chat page, there will be a grey X next to their name, and selecting it will let you block or report the contact.

Add those users to your friend list to remove the ‘X’ that appears next to a Snapchat name. You can block those persons if you don’t want to add them to your friend list.

What Does X On Snapchat’s Add Friend List Mean?

On the “Add Friends” screen, if an X is present next to the contact’s name, it signifies you haven’t yet added the person. You will also see a “Add” button in addition to the “X” button. When you tap the Add button, a friend request is sent right away. But if you do not want to add them to your Snapchat account, tap the “X” sign to remove the suggestion.

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What Does the X Mean on Snapchat Instead of the Camera Icon?

The camera icon usually changes to an “X” when someone removes you from their friend list. In other words, the ‘X’ sign next to someone you used to be friends with denotes that he has recently unfriended or blocked you. You can view the profile and see if a friend list addition option is available. If the ‘Add‘ button is present, you have been removed from the contact’s Snapchat account.

You can delete the prior chat with the person, block them, or report them by tapping the X icon.

How to Remove Grey X Next to Name on Snapchat?

Adding that person to your friend list is the quickest and best way to remove the grey X from their Snapchat profile. You can block someone if they decline your friend request. If the user accepts your friend request, the ‘X’ icon will quickly transform into the Camera icon.

On Snapchat, you must clear the App cache if the ‘X’ icon appears next to a name, even though you have already added that person to your friend list.


The “X” icon on Snapchat denotes the end of a Snapchat friendship between you and that person. You can remove the “X” icon by adding them to your friend list again or blocking them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Questions covered regarding snapchat:

Does the grey x next to Snapchat name mean blocked?

You may have blocked by someone if there is a grey “X” next to their Snapchat name.

Does X on Snapchat mean blocked?

No, an “X” on Snapchat does not always mean that you are blocked by someone. Its meaning can vary depending on the context.

How to tell if someone has unfriended you on Snapchat?

The likelihood that one of your contacts has unfriended or blocked you is extremely high if you notice an “X” sign next to their Snapchat name.

Can you still message someone with an X next to their name?

You can message someone with an “X” next to their name. But it will be marked as “Pending.” If they add you back, your messages will be delivered.

How do I add new contacts on Snapchat?

To add new contacts to Snapchat:

  • Select the “Profile” icon at the top to access your profile.
  • Tap “Add Friends,” and then go to “All Contacts” section.
  • Tap “+ Add” to add the person as a friend.

Can you add someone on Snapchat without their number?

You may add people to your Snapchat account using their username or a QR code.

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