Where Are Condoms in Walmart 2022? (Men Section Explained)

Condoms in Walmart
Condoms in Walmart

You’ll probably need help identifying certain items because the average Walmart shop is over 180,000 square feet in size.

Condoms are one item that is particularly challenging to locate. This article will tell you where condoms are found in Walmart.

Where Are Condoms in Walmart?

The condom selection at Walmart is typically found on or close to the health aisle next to the men’s razors. Walmart’s in-store pharmacy might also have condoms on hand. Most Walmart locations will stock a variety of brand-name condoms in packs of 10 or more, including TrojanDurex, and Skyn.

Use The Walmart App to Find Condoms

You can install the Walmart Plus App directly to your Android or Apple smartphone if you’re having trouble finding condoms.

Once downloaded, type “condoms” into the search bar to find the closest Walmart by entering your Zip Code. If the requisite stock is available at your chosen Walmart, the app will let you know exactly which shelf and aisle the condoms are located on.

If you cannot install the app, a lot of Walmart employees will be happy to assist you in finding condoms.

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Where Are Condoms In Grocery Stores & Pharmacies?

Condoms are typically located in the men’s healthcare section of pharmacies and grocery stores including Target, Walgreens, Meijer, Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy, Coles, and Kroger. They are usually placed adjacent to deodorant and men’s razors. Condoms may also be kept in some shops in a lockable cabinet behind the front desk.

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What types of condoms does Walmart carry?

Numerous name-brand condoms, including Durex, Trojan, Skyn, Lifestyles, and Magnum, are available at Walmart.

How much are the condoms at Walmart?

There are many different styles available in both latex and non-latex condoms. A basic pack of 10 condoms typically cost $6–$9. On the other hand, a box of 24 condoms can cost as little as $10.

For about $15.49, Walmart offers sampler packages with 90 condoms if you prefer to buy in quantity. On the Walmart website, you can browse the full selection of condoms that are offered.

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If it is difficult for you to find condoms at Walmart, try using the Walmart app. The app will let you know the exact placement.

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