How to Dive into Madden 21 ps4? Video Guide

How to Dive into Madden 21 ps4
How to Dive into Madden 21 ps4

Madden 21 is an American football game. Madden 21 was officially announced on May 2020. It was released for MS Windows, PS 4, and Xbox One in Aug 2020. It was developed by EA Tiburon and Published by EA supports.

If you want to enjoy Madden 21, then must know how you dive into madden 21 and also in 23. These are the most frequently asked questions among madden 21 players. 

To find out the answer to this question, this is a great platform for you. Now let’s check it out. 

how to dive into madden 21 ps4

In order to dive into madden 21, follow the following steps:

  • First, you can check that you have the latest game installed on your windows. If not try to update your game. 
  • When you get the latest update, and then go to the options menu. 
  • In the list of options select the GamePlay option. 
  • Now tap on the controls tab, and check whether your Dive option is enabled or not. If not enable it. 
  • Now choose the player you wish to dive with initially. After choosing your player, click the A button while continuing to hold down the left trigger.

How you can dive into madden 22?

 To dive into Madden 22, first Use the Square button on a PlayStation. You can also use the X button on an Xbox when advancing with the ball to dive in Madden 22.

How do you showboat and taunt in Madden 21?

You can Press L2 or LT to conduct a taunt and showboat. It’s great to start showing off as you approach the end zone. And if you got hit when you are performing showboating, you will be fumbling. 

In Madden 21, how do you dive for the pylon?

  • In Madden 21, you must first align yourself with the pylon before diving for it.
  • Now, Hold down the sprint button while positioning yourself to begin running. Click and hold the jump key while you run to begin diving. 
  • To ensure that you catch the pylon, you should let off of the jump button immediately as you get there.

In Madden 21, how do you dive into the endzone?

In Madden 21, there are a few methods to enter in the end zone. The first method is Running the ball toward the end zone from midfield.  The second method is that you throw a pass within a 10-yard line. And one thing that must be remembered is that a pass is thrown within the 10-yard line. 

In Madden, how do you execute a celebratory run?

In Madden 23, doing a celebratory run is fairly simple. Simply hold down both of your controller’s shoulder buttons, together with the A button on Xbox or the X button on PlayStation, to begin your celebrations. 

Why doesn’t my quarterback slip like that?

If your quarterback slip is not taken then a few reasons are there. First, the quarterback could dive to try to open up space if he believes he has a strong chance of escaping the defender. And second The quarterback may also dive to gain time for his receivers to find openings if he believes he cannot escape the defense.

How to perform celebrations in madden 23?

  • For Team victory: Use “Right stick up”
  • For Dance use the right stick right
  • For Spike/celebration by the crowd: use the right stick down 
  • For signature, celebration use the right stick left

In Madden 21, how do you dive on defense?

In Madden 21, when running in the direction of the ball carrier, hold the down button on the controller.

Can you turn off the madden 21 celebrations?

No, unfortunately, you cannot turn off the madden 21 celebrations. 

Do you know how to dive in the yard? 

Yes, To dive in the yard, Running and jumping into the pool is one option. Cannonballing is another one. 


I am concluding in last that diving and sliding both are important. Hopefully, this article is helpful for you in finding answers to the questions related to madden 21. 

If you have another question then put your query in the comment box. We are happy to deal with your questions and provide informational answers. Happy gaming.

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