Top Tips for Setting Your Computer Up Effectively for Your Gaming Needs 

Top Tips for Setting Your Computer Up Effectively for Your Gaming Needs 

Many of us use our desktop or laptop computers for many activities, such as work, email, online browsing and buying, general admin tasks, and the like, in addition to one of our favorite pastimes: gaming.

Top Tips for Setting Your Computer Up Effectively for Your Gaming Needs 

You can follow multiple steps to get your computer working at the best level possible for games, so you can concentrate on playing rather than trying to attend to glitches or other tech annoyances. 

Clean Up Your Computer Internally

Firstly, take the time to clean up the internal workings of your computer.

While it’s crucial to keep our devices clean externally, we also need to help them run more effectively by getting rid of things that are slowing them down.

The older your PC gets, the more likely it is to be blocked up with numerous applications that run processes and tasks in the background without you realizing it.

Even when the programs aren’t in use, they can still take up space and drain system resources.

The same goes for old files and programs you never use anymore, plus old registry keys, temporary files, etc. 

To optimize your computer, get into the habit of closing applications before starting a game.

Reboot your machine often, too, to close any lingering tasks trying to run in the background.

Also, change the configuration settings on your device, so not everything starts up when you restart your computer.

Try to free up hard-disk storage space by getting rid of files and the like that you don’t need, too, as this all slows things down. 

You should find that you get even better results by utilizing a comprehensive cleaner for your computer, such as the popular Cleaner One Pro for Mac devices (or equivalent options for Windows machines).

Such tools will take a lot of the hard work of optimizing your computer out of the process.

Install and run the product you choose and let it get rid of all the junk you don’t need.

Add More Memory

Your computer will struggle with gaming needs if it doesn’t have enough memory, so this is another factor to focus on.

In particular, add more random-access memory (RAM).

This is the short-term memory your device has and is what provides the working space it needs to run programs, files, streaming services, and more.

Upgrading RAM levels will make it easier for your computer to deal with the operational load that comes with games.

Use the RAM slots on your device to install additional memory and have less stuttering during gameplay to deal with as a result. 

Update the Drivers and Graphics Card Settings in Your Device

Another tip is to see if the graphics card in your machine features the latest drivers or older ones.

As you undoubtedly realize, the graphics card massively affects how clear and engaging your gaming experience is, so it needs to be as top-quality as possible.

The driver acts as the bridge between the operating system and your device, so you’ll have issues if the link is sub-par.

Updating drivers to the newest versions will boost the performance of both older games and new ones. 

It pays, as well, to pay attention to the settings on this graphics card.

You likely have your computer set up with a standard video speed of around 24 frames per second, but this isn’t optimal for games.

Your games may look jagged and seem unresponsible because of ‘motion blur,’ which can happen due to the wrong frame rate.

Instead, switch the settings to a frame rate of around 60 frames per second to get the best experience possible for your gaming time.  

Invest in a New Hard Drive

You may also want to invest in a new hard drive for your computer.

A modern, solid-state drive (SSD) will be more efficient and handle a lot more, leading to improved gaming time.

Invest in a New Hard Drive

Some other tips for setting up your computer better include keeping devices powered up so you have plenty of battery life to game, and taking steps to ensure you have a strong internet connection, particularly when you plan to stream games. 

Plus, improve in-game settings and reduce screen resolution as needed.

Following all these tips should see you soon enjoy a much-improved gaming experience. 

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