Hanahaki Disease: Is it Real? Can You Catch? Complete Guideline (2022)

Hanahaki Disease
Hanahaki Disease

The Hanahaki is caused by one-sided love, where the victim hurls up or coughs up flower petals when he can’t put up with one-sided love. We can cure the Hanahaki disease by surgery, but the romantic feelings also disappear along with the flower petals.

What is Hanahaki Disease Definition?

Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease in which the victim hurls up flower petals because one-sided love depresses them, and they have been suffering from unreturned love. The Japanese word Hanahaki is a fusion of Hana, which means flower, and Haku means to throw up.

It is usually used in both happy and unfortunate stories and has several variants. It ends in only two cases; when the beloved returns the same romantic feelings as they have because strong friendship is not enough or the lover dies.

Hanahaki can be removed through surgeries, but when the infection is removed from the lover’s body, the romantic feelings for their love also vanish. There is no particular flower for this disease, but it can be the crush’s favorite flower type or their favorite color.

Hanahaki Disease (花吐き病 (Japanese); 하나하키병 (Korean); 花吐病 (Chinese)) is a fictional disease where the victim of unrequited or one-sided love begins to vomit or cough up the petals and flowers of a flowering plant growing in their lungs, which will eventually grow large enough to render breathing impossible if left untreated.

Does the Hanahaki Disease Real or Reel? Facts in 2021

No, it’s not real. It’s a fictional disease that comes when the person you love the most doesn’t love you back. It is often seen in characters in fan fiction. Someone having Hanahaki disease usually has a pharynx that fills up with flowers, and they spit out flower petals.

The patient is distressed because their dearest hasn’t returned their feelings. The Hanahaki Disease takes place in the lungs; thence, the victim coughs up bloody flower petals. The disease is cured if the person’s love is returned.

The crush can return the same romantic feelings, and the disease would stop infecting the lovesick person. The other treatment is the surgical removal of the throat infection, but along with the flowers, the romantic feelings of the Hanahaki disease person are also removed. If the disease is left underdone, the flowers will affect the lungs, and the love-struck person will die of Asphyxiation.

Hanahaki Disease and 4 Effects on Body

Hanahaki disease and sporotrichosis are not related. A rare disease only contracted by cats. Its symptoms include a “voracious” appetite, a craving for Hawaiian food, listlessness, crankiness, and a compulsion to wear Hawaiian shirts and hula dance.


When someone develops Hanahaki disease, they throw up flower petals. According to the research, the common symptoms of Hanahaki disease include fever or decrease in average body temperature, phantasmagoria, food aversion, uncontrollable shaking and, anorexia.

Tissue Warning

As surgery is the treatment of Hanahaki disease, it may cause irreversible damage to the lung’s tissue, and in some cases, the disease is not entirely cured.


Angst is a feeling of deep anxiety or restlessness. When the patients’ lungs become loaded with flowers and roots growing in their lungs, they choke to death. The angst that comes with the character death makes it famous.

As Hanahaki disease results from one-sided love, the beloved person is responsible for the lover’s death.

How Many Fictional Diseases like Hanahaki Disease?

Several types of diseases exist only in fiction but not in real life. Following are the details of some of these fictional diseases like Hanahaki disease:

Ancient virus

The ancient virus is a sparse strain found in the ‘Queen Ant’ gene. This virus was initially discovered by ‘Alexia Ashford’ when she was studying ants. When she combined the ancient virus with the progenitor virus, it became the powerful “t-Veronica” virus.

Mad Snail Disease

The widespread mad cow disease gave birth to the Mad Snail Disease. The Mad Snail disease isn’t factual. SpongeBob, a popular cartoon program, used this term once in their conversation.

As advertised by the cartoon SpongeBob, mad snail disease is developed and flourished by following a bite or crunch from an infected snail.

The major symptoms of mad snail disease include untrimmed toenails, loss of balance or lightheadedness, messy pants, red-rimmed or swollen eyes, chest pain, etc.

Mad Zombie Disease

The idea behind the mad zombie disease is the same as in the mad snail disease or mad cow disease. It is often said that one bite from the infectious species can transfigure an individual. As characterized in the movies Zombie land or Walking dead, humans are the brain-eating monsters in this disease.

Mad Zombie disease is also a fictional disease like all other diseases, including mad snail or Hanahaki disease, which has nothing to do with our real lives.


It is often said that sexually transmitted diseases exist that can move from one person to another. But the results are inconsistent when the interaction between a human and a robot occurs. When humans have intercourse with robots, there is a chance of transmitting sexual diseases.

A day would come when the diseases like these can appear with numerous sex dolls coming and the rate at which humans patronize them.
Above all, we all know that Electrogonorrea is also a fictional disease like Hanahaki or Mad cow disease, which is good news for sexually active toasters out there.

affect of Diseases?

Bendii Syndrome

Bendii syndrome is not a real disease, just like the Hanahaki disease, but the concept behind this is a little scary for people knowing it for the first time.

The Bendii syndrome is a generative neurological illness. It influences the aged Vulcans – a group of concocted humanoid species from outer space.

The disease causes fever, infirmity, drowsiness, and emotional control.
Alzheimer’s disease is the same as Bendii syndrome. It’s a disorder that can affect the brain cell of humans directly. Alzheimer’s disease destroys one’s memories, including other functions of the neural system.


Dan Brown is an American author. The inferno is his latest mystery and detective fiction book in which Dan wrote about the titular virus, which isn’t real. According to his book, the titular virus causes infertility, and the consequences may be very dangerous.

FAQ – Hanahaki Disease

The most common FAQ’s about the Hanahaki disease are:

Can You Catch Hanahaki Disease? Facts in 2021

People living in the real world and having strong beliefs can’t catch Hanahaki disease. They may experience heartache at some hard times, which causes motion sickness and fatigue.

Find Somebody who can help you with these Activities!

As we have mentioned earlier, real people don’t get these fictional diseases. They may experience emotional heartache or severe pain in the chest at some point, but the best thing people can do to avoid these issues is learning to regulate their emotions.

Everyone will go through vexation, depression, or sadness in their lives. Regulating your emotions enable people to manage difficult times and helps them feel better sooner.

You may find a friend or family member who can help you with these activities as everyone has a different way of regulating their emotions. You may talk to an adult like a teacher, engineer, or doctor and ask them how they regulate their emotions. They may suggest some procedures that can make you emotionally strong.

What Happens After Surgically Removing Hanahaki Disease?

In some cases, it is feasible to go through the painful procedure of surgery. Most of the time, people recovered and had their disabilities corrected after the operation. But you can’t take risks in the case of Hanahaki disease as this is quite different.

When the Hanahaki disease is cured through a surgical operation, it takes away the feeling of love, romance, and fascination of the victim for a lifetime.

As a consequence, they might not be able to express or experience love again in their lives. They have no feeling for the person they once loved the most.

What Happens To Victims Of Hanahaki Disease?

A lot of things can happen if someone develops a fictitious disease, specifically Hanahaki disease. It is noted that people who go through this disease cough up flower petals.

The factor behind Hanahaki disease is unrequited love and affection. It straightforwardly means loving someone with a pure heart and not getting love in return.

There are only two ways for the recovery of the victim in this case. One is the love given to him in return. The other way to get rid of this disease is a surgical operation. But the victim may die if urgent action is not taken.

What are some Fake Diseases?

Following are some fake diseases that exist in the literature or entertainment industry:

• Andromeda – Speedily mutating alien pathogen that causes blood-clotting

• ARIA-Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia – Infestation contracted from an alien suitcase

• Black Trump Virus – Variant of Xenovirus Takis-B

• Blood fire – Gestate in wolves about two thousand years ago

• Ebola Gulf A – Developed due to the clenching of the stomach

• White Sickness – A contagious disease until treated properly

• White Plague – An engineered virus that kills women only

• Bazi Plague – Rapidly growing disease with no known cure

• Cooties – An invisible germ, bug, or microscopic monster, transferred by skin to skin contact

• Georgia Flu – A variant of flu

• Dragon Pox – A potentially fatal contagious disease

• Foul-Drought – A disease caused by drinking poisoned water

• Inferno Virus – An airborne virus incubated in water

What are some Fake Diseases?

How to cure Hanahaki Disease?

There are two cures for HanaHaki’s Disease. First, the illness goes away if the other person changes their mind. If they have romantic feelings for the afflicted person, then that person gets better. The second cure is surgery.

Final Word

Kiss Magazine serialized the Hanahaki Otome for the first time, introducing the world to the fictitious disease Hanahaki. As most researchers describe, this is a fictional illness that only attacks people who have experienced unreturned love.

Rose petals personifying their genuine feelings of affection and love would be coughed up by the patient. This condition can only be cured when the person’s romantic feelings are repaid.

The only other method for treating the Hanahaki disease is surgical treatment. The flowers growing in the victim’s lungs are removed through surgical procedure along with all the romantic feelings.

It means that if a person is healed by surgery, they drop their love and warmth for the person who caused it.

The name comes from the fact that it resembles hanashi, meaning ‘flower child’, a term used for girls with long hair and loose clothing. This condition has been featured in several works of fiction including.

In the video game Persona 4 Golden, there are references to the illness. One character mentions how he had to take care of his girlfriend after she got sick. Another character says that they have no idea what caused her sickness.

The first known case occurred when a young woman named Chiyo fell for her teacher, Mr. Kamiya, despite his being married with three children. She began coughing up roses every day until she died after several months due to complications caused by the condition. There are many other things like right ear ringing and blue jay in which people do believe.

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