How Old is Kakashi in Boruto and Naruto Explained

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How Old is Kakashi?

Kakashi is the lead character in the anime series Naruto. Just like the other heroic and leading characters Kakashi has been an iconic character.

Despite facing so many troubles and having some disturbing behaviors, he is still a favorite among people.
The anime fans who know Kakashi Hatake being a member of Ninja academy have always been curious to know more about him. Since the character appears in two different anime series Naruto Uzumaki and Boruto, everyone is a little confused about his actual age.

There is a clear age difference in both series that makes Hatake Kakashi an interesting subject for people. If you want to know more about the age of Hatake Kakashi, then keep reading.

How old is Kakashi? When we first meet Kakashi in Naruto, he is 26 years old, and after the 15-year-old time jump in between the Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, Kakashi is 46 years old in the Boruto series.

Kakashi Hatake and His Early Life

One of the best things about anime series is the character’s biography. Kakashi was born on September 15th at Hidden Leaf Village.

At the age of five, he graduated from the Ninja Academy as a Genin. One year later, he became a Chuunin based on his skills and gradual improvement.

Afterward, he secured his position as Jounin and a member of the AnBu Assassination Squad at Hidden Leaf Village. All his progress involved his passion and extraordinary abilities in fighting.

Due to his amazing powers, he became a Sensei for the new Chunnins at the academy. He followed the rules of teamwork and believed.

It was considered essential to secure the companions as it would help in growing further and fight successfully.
Kakashi Hatake has a Sharingan eye-super power.

This superpower enables him to copy and memorize a ninja move by just seeing it. There are rumors that he has this ability after surgery. No one knows how he developed this.

How old is Kakashi in Naruto Shippuden?

Kakashi was introduced as a hero in Naruto Shippuden. It was the beginning of his journey as a hero in the series and all his progression.

His age in Naruto Shippuden was 26 years old when the series ended. Overall, the series witnessed a total of 26 years of Kakashi’s life and presented the story to the viewers.

How old is Kakashi in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

He should have been around 35 or 36 when Boruto was born, putting him at about 48 years old in Boruto. He still manages to look like the 26-year old that fans met so many years ago.

At the age of 10, Boruto joined the Ninja Academy and appeared as Genin at 12. With all calculations of age in relevance to the events, Kakashi is 48 years old now.

For the online community, it seems a topic of attraction and interest to know the age of Hatake Kakashi. Along with age, they are also keen to find out when and how Kakashi Die.

Even the community for developers of anime characters Kakashi is a major interest and attraction.

What is Kakashi’s New Power?

Kakashi is the most dynamic member of Team 7. The character developers took care of numerous things in their character development.

They added a skillset that makes Kakashi exceptional. Moreover added several badges such as bronze badges, gold badges, and silver badges to his character. The lightning cutter and Chidori are the most dangerous powers he possesses.

Lightning cutter helps to eradicate the danger and enemies in a few moments only. Chidori creates sounds of thousands of birds.

Besides, Kakashi Hiden makes him a stronger assassin. Like Sharingan eye enables him to copy every move and power of the opponents. The purple electricity, strong fist, hidden mist Jutsu, Chakra, and reserves are the new powers of Kakashi.

How did Kakashi Revive?

Kakashi was revived by Pain’s Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Nagato used the technique that might put his life at risk as well. Nagato repented on his mistakes. He used the Jutsu to revive the lives of others.

Nagato talked the words Jutsu and some others to alive the people in the village. The people whom he killed and injured in the village were in misery.

Nagato used the Pain’s Samsara to alive others. Kakashi revived his life in this process. But Nagato was killed after this technique.
The whole sequence was mesmerizing for the fans of Anime. in the Anime Adaptation, it seems the biggest twist that made everyone froze for a moment. No one wants to see Kakashi die, and the revival was the best sequence of all time.

Kakashi vs. Nue

Root created the Nue. Nue was a yoki. Yoki was created in the Gozu Tenno project. This ultimate weapon was passed over the head of the Sumire Shigaraki, the daughter of Tanuki Shigaraki.

Kakashi used tens of new powers and weapons in the different episodes of the Naruto and Boruto series. These skills have been amazing and enjoyable for any anime fan.

When Kakashi used the powers and skills, it gave worthy anime filler moments for fans and brought more action to the series. Also, the fans ask why did Kakashi kill rin?

Kakashi vs. Nue

How old is Boruto in the Anime?

Boruto is the first baby of Naruto and Hinata. In the Naruto series, Boruto was a newborn baby. In the Boruto anime, Boruto is the12 years old boy.

After the death of Naruto, Kakashi has been training the younger Ninja. Boruto is in late childhood in the Boruto anime adaptions series.

What Episode Does Kakashi Become Hokage?

In the Naruto Shippūden anime series, Kakashi became Hokage in episode 219. Kakashi was an impressive and serious personality.

He truly deserves the seat of Hokage. He cared for his students and team members. Kakashi succeeded in many missions and wars.

He was the youngest Hokage of the Village. When his father died, he was the first to report his father’s death to the Hokage of the village.

He posses the amazing skills and powers that make him perfect for team composition. Along with training Ninja, he handled the terms of team ages and made sure to pay attention to team composition.

What Episode Does Kakashi Become Hokage?


When Team 7 was created, Kakashi was 14 years old. He completed many missions with Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha. Uchiha Madara trapped the teammates.

The expeditions at Shukamaru Hiden and Konoha Hiden were praiseworthy. Kakashi and Team Choza, Team Gai, Team Ro, and Team Hiruzen praised worthy series. It truly deserves the silver badges and gold badges in the current community.

When Boruto was born, Kakashi was 36 years old. In the Boruto anime series, Kakashi has been training Boruto, and his current age is nearly 48 years. He looks like an active middle-aged man over a specific period.
Many people consider the Kakashi age difference is because he travels time.

In reality, there is no travel time but a course of time that causes a change in the age of Kakashi Hiden. People who know the backstory over time can understand the age statement in the chapter.

FAQ – How Old is Kakashi

Does Kakashi Die in Boruto?

Kakashi dies in Boruto in episode 159. Kakashi has died in Naruto Shippuden also. But he regains his life after the magical words spoken by Naruto.

Naruto speaks some words to Nagato-popularly known as Pain. In the Boruto series also, Kakashi will die again.

Why do Team 7’s, the leader, and the most prominent character die?

Every time a character dies in any anime series, it regains life after developing more traits and powers. The audience expects that Kakashi will die to get more superpowers in Boruto.


Obito Uchiha and Kakashi are considered age fellows. Obito died when team 7 was on the Kannabi Bridge mission- Kakashi Gaiden.

At that time, Kakashi and Obito were supposed to be 12 or13. Later on, Obito took one year to recover and gain new life. Meanwhile, Kakashi attacked the Konoha Hiden, where Team Minato fought bravely.

According to Naruto Wiki content, Obito and Kakashi were nearly 14 years old at that time. Web content does not state for how much time Obito remained in the trap of Madara Uchiha.

If that period gets clear, the age calculations may vary. However, no one knows the exact age of Obito.

Does Kakashi have a girlfriend?

No, Kakashi is a truly single person. Many fans and girls had a crush on Kakashi. A kissing scene with Hanare created gossip corners for fans.

The actual scene is that Team 7 has been falling from a tree. Meanwhile, Kakashi falls over Hanare that makes them close enough to kiss. As the pictures of the two are viral, the real photography was not as romantic as depicted.

Kakashi has never been interested in searching for a girlfriend or marriage life. He remained ambitious to train Boruto- a younger Ninja and focus on academy days in all series.

However, Hanare and many other Ninja girls love Kakashi for his impressive moves. The scenes of Kakashi with any girls are often slower and more focusing.

Any female appearance in the chapter was just as a backdrop character. But Kakashi does not pay much attention to the opposite gender.

As of this moment in the story, Kakashi Hatake is 100% single. While many fans seem to have gotten mixed feelings due to a girl named Hanare, Kakashi is canonically single in both the manga and anime series

How old is Kakashi in Naruto season 1

In Naruto season 1, the series fans saw Kakashi for the first time as a young boy. Kakashi was shown in his 20s in the chapter Naruto series.

The exact age statement in the chapter was 26 years old. The event’s timeline shows a gap of many years between the Naruto and Boruto series. So, in the recent series, Kakashi is 46 years old.

How old was Kakashi when his Father Died?

Kakashi might be between 3 to 5 years old. At the age of 5, Kakashi graduated from the Ninja academy. At age 6, he became Chunin. Sakumo Hatake could not see Kakashi as Chunin.

He died before Kakashi was ranked as Chunin. So, Kakashi’s age might not exceed 6 years at the time of his father’s death.

How old was Kakashi when his Father Died?


During the Kyuubi’s attack, Kakashi was around 14 years. If you remember, Obito was nearly 14 years when he faced Minato as his stronger opponent.

Obito faced the nine-tail beast during kayyubi’s attack. It wastes time when Kakashi and Obito are in the same ninja class. When Minato died during the Konoha arc, he was nearly 26 years old.

And Kakashi was in his teenage. However, you will find ages ambiguous and confusing in all seasons of the anime series.


Minato Namikaze grouped the Team Minato. Team Minato consisted of Kakashi Hatake, Rin, and Obito Uchiha. It was the time when Kakashi was recently promoted to Chunin.

Team Minato was sent to the expedition of Kananbi Bridge. The purpose of the team was to ruin the Kannabi Bridge. Kannabi Bridge was supposed to be the supply route for the Konoha war. At that time, Kakashi was quite younger.

Many stack exchanges discuss that Kakashi joined the academy at the age of 4, and he was promoted to the chunin rank at the age of 6.

When Team Minato was developed, Kakashi was recently ranked as Chunin. During Minato Era, Kakashi was between 6-7 years only. He was not older than 7.

However, these are just conceptions and considerations only about promotion ages. Fans are curious about the promotion ages when Kakashi was promoted with his ranks and bronze badges to silver badges and eventually gold badges.

How old is Kakashi in 2020?

Kakashi was 14 years older than team seven, making him 31 during the Fourth Shinobi War and around 36 when Boruto was born. The latter is 12 right now, making Kakashi 48 years old in the Boruto series and 2020.

Conclusion – How Old is Kakashi

Any Anime fan is curious about the Kakashi age. No matter if it’s the promotion ages or the age difference closer to real-time.

It is a center of attention, and every fan is curious to know. Knowing about Kakashi Gaiden’s age and much more seems essential for fans.

When you search for the age, you can find multiple figures coming from early life to Academy graduation age and terms of team ages.

Kakashi has been a part of Team Gai, Team Choza, and Team Hiruzen, along with Team 7, so there are stories and intervals of all these teams that are a part of the story.

Fans of Anime are never tired of digging into the depth of facts. Naruto Shippuden Anime is a center of attraction for them because of Kakashi Gaiden and much more.

Other than Kakashi you can explore Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Hinata Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Uchiha Itachi and more. How old is Luffy monkey? is a previous article of this category click and enjoy.

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