What is the Policy on Bringing Guests to Planet Fitness? (Updated 2022)

What is the Policy on Bringing Guests to Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is an American gym franchisor that operates a thousand of fitness centers all over in the United States. According to location and members, it is one of the largest and fastest-growing fitness franchisors according to location and members. 

If you know what you’re doing, planet fitness may be a great place to work out. Because of its facilities, equipment, and amenities-related gym equipment, Planet Fitness differentiates apart from other gyms. Planet fitness has a friendly staff that helps you to do a great workout. But sometimes, they didn’t company a lot due to the crowd. At this time, bringing a partner with you is a good choice. 

As you know, black card members can bring anyone with them. So you must know about the policies of Planet fitness on getting guests and whether they enjoy the perks given to black card membership persons. Keep reading to learn more. 

What is the policy on bringing guests to planet fitness?

Only Planet fitness members with a black card membership can bring guests with them. Some guidelines you must consider first:

You can bring only one guest with you at a time. Guests must be 18 years old. (If a guest is 13 to 17 years old, they are welcome to come as long as their legal guardian or parent is with them).

Remember that your guest is not using any benefits or facilities provided to Planet Fitness black card members. They can only take a workout with the member, and they are restricting that they do not go anywhere. 

You can always bring a member with you when you visit anytime. This is accessible to anybody, but please only bring one person at a time.

How do you invite your friend to work out for free?

If you want to bring a friend/guest to Planet fitness for a workout, then you invite them with a Planet Fitness app. Any member of the Black card is allowed to bring a guest with them. To request your friend for a free workout on the Planet fitness app, follow the steps:

  • Open up the Planet Fitness app and Sign in to your account. 
  • On the bottom menu, select “Refer a Friend.”
  • Now share your future workout partner your code.

The App invites your guest and requests that they sign up via a brief online form. After that, they get a digital key tag that enables them to go into the closest club and experience quick, contactless check-in.

Can I go to Planet Fitness as a guest without the member?

No, it is not possible that you can visit a planet fitness without a member. You have to go with your workout member and also exit with them. Planet fitness guest policy prohibits this action. And also, you cannot work out alone without a planet fitness member. 

It is possible only in one way that you take a membership card of your friend that is a member of PF. You can do this just one time. PF allows members to bring a guest with them for a good and disciplined workout, but they don’t allow they leave the gym, and the guest takes a workout alone. It’s okay to bring the same guest each day or different guests on various days.

Once inside, your visitor may use the workout area any way they like, but you must be there. The visitor cannot remain there alone. Thus, the two of you must leave together as well.

You can invite a visitor to Planet Fitness, which is excellent. Just make sure you and your visitor respect the gym’s guidelines.

How much do you pay to bring a guest to Planet Fitness?

You do not have to pay anything for bringing a guest to Planet Fitness. It is possible if you have a black card membership. You can bring a partner with you free of charge. You may bring one guest with you to the gym each time you visit.

This is an excellent benefit for the Black card members and their guests. It might be intimidating to visit the gym alone, but bringing a friend along could put you at ease. On the treadmill, you may compete against one another in races or spot each other while lifting weights.

But if you are a classic member of planet fitness, you are not allowed to bring a guest with you. You must fork up $20 for each visitor you get to the gym in order for them to work out. From this payment, your guests have a two-month workout session plan. But if they want a one-month plan, they have to pay $10. 

Can you bring more than one guest to Planet Fitness?

No, you cannot bring more than one guest to Planet Fitness. According to Planet Fitness’s black card membership plan, only one member is allowed with the black card members. However, you are free to invite other visitors on various days. In that sense, you may effectively invite many guests on different days. There will be no cost for your visitors to exercise with you.

No member of Planet Fitness is allowed to bring more than one visitor at a time. The gym could get overcrowded as a result, and it might also lose money from non-members. This is like a loss of Planet fitness. 

And one guest who is allowed with a member is just restricted to gym facilities, not any other perks. When the gym is busy, there can be a limit on usage. Therefore it’s always a good idea to ask about any limitations.

To put it another way, if you bring a visitor to most clubs, they won’t have access to other amenities like:

  • massage chairs
  • Tanning beds
  • Haircuts
  • discounts on beverage purchases

What is a Guest Pass for Planet Fitness?

A Planet Fitness member may bring a visitor to check out the gym with them if they have a free guest pass. Although the sorts of facilities they may use depend on the membership level of the person they tag along with, it will allow the guest to enjoy a selection of the gym’s services.

Can I leave without my Planet Fitness guest?

No, the member must be present and have a black card. Taking his black card is not an option since when you click in, a member’s photo appears on their screen. What you could do is stop by and let them know you’re considering joining. Usually, they will let you work out for free.

Can 12-year-olds use the Planet Fitness facility?

They do not provide childcare services in order to easily keep the cost of the membership low. They ask that minors under the age of 13 avoid entering the facilities for their own safety. To suit everyone’s schedules, they do their best to keep our clubs open as long as feasible. For information about the club’s hours, ask online.

What does the Planet Fitness black card cost?

The typical PF Black Card membership fee is $1 for enrolling and $ 22.99 per month for membership fees.

So, to conclude.

  • Initial Payment: $1.00 Monthly 
  • Payment: $22.99 
  • Annual Payment: $39.00 
  • Commitment: None

Can you bring the same visitor to Planet Fitness every day?

You can visit Planet Fitness every day with the same visitor. You can exercise with a visitor as long as they are of legal age and as long as you both follow the club’s rules. After that, you might enjoy working out with a buddy or family member.

What clothing is prohibited at Planet Fitness?

All of its members are given a safe and welcoming atmosphere by Planet Fitness. Therefore, it is prohibited to wear apparel with offensive slogans, as well as items that might threaten one’s health or safety or harm a club’s equipment.

Is it possible to use another person’s Planet Fitness card?

No, you cannot use another person’s Planet Fitness card. You can only use your own card, and doing so is against the law. The owner of the Planet Fitness card might get into trouble if they use it on someone else.

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Planet fitness allows different facilities and benefits to their black card members. They are open 24 hours to provide perks and workouts to their customers. The services and facilities that Planet Fitness provides, in addition to the standard training equipment, are one of its more notable features. While there is a huge amount of cardio equipment, free weights, and similar things, there are also a lot of services available, such as tanning beds, massage chairs, and hydro massages.

But those who are not members of the black card are not allowed these facilities. If you want to enjoy these facilities, you must have a black card membership.

The main advantage of planet fitness is that black card members are allowed to bring a guest with them, and they enjoy workout facilities with you. But you can go with your guest and also leave both of you together. 

Hopefully, the above information is very helpful for you. Feel free to ask questions in the below comment box. Good day. 

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